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The Peggy Lee Bio-Discography:
A Photographic Gallery Of Her Full-Length VHS/DVD Releases
(TV Specials, Concerts, Music Biographies)

by Iván Santiago

Page generated on Sep 17, 2021


This page is dedicated to videotaped material (VHS, DVD, laser disc) which concentrates on Peggy Lee and her music. Qualifying for inclusion are televised specials, taped concerts, and other full-length audiovisual items. Excluded are certain short audiovisual forms, such as Lee's Snaders telescriptions (i.e., three-minute-long music videos that she taped in the 1950s for the company of that name). Those short-length forms are covered on another page of this pictorial discography..

Please notice that the purpose of this pictorial page (and similar ones) is to display commercially issued material. Peggy Lee made countless TV appearances which have never been released on VHS, DVD, or laser disc. For that reason, they will not be listed below. (Exception: I will be making passing mention of a selected which are available at ) All TV appearances -- whether available or unavailable -- will eventually be listed in this discography's TV page, which is currently under construction.


Artwork Shown:

1 (above) & 2 (below). Title: Fever; The Music Of Peggy Lee / Format: DVD & VHS / Label: Capitol / Cat. Num.: 72435 99365 9 8 (DVD) & 72435 99365 3 6 (VHS) / Rel. Year: 2004 / Note: This musical documentary is the one commercial videotape that no fan of Peggy Lee should miss. It offers twenty Peggy Lee performances, interspersed throughout a musical biography that features commentary from Grady Tate, kd lang, Margaret Whiting, and many others. Plus 10 bonus performances. Made in coordination with the Peggy Lee estate, it includes home footage from Lee's own collection, as well as comments from Lee's daughter Nicki Lee Foster and Lee's granddaughter Holly Foster Wells. Produced by Jim Pierson for JoAnn Young at Young Productions.

This special was originally televised on selected PBS networks -- e.g., NY area channels WLIW and WNET. (Two previously televised segments had to be excised from the DVD when permission for their retail use was not granted. One segment featured Lee and Dean Martin singing "The Doodlin' Song." The other segment, taken from a promotional Disney feature, showed Lee performing one of the numbers from the movie Lady And The Tramp.) On the occasion of Lee's centennial celebration and as part of the network's pledge programming, the special re-aired in mid-20020 at not only WLIW And WNET but also New Jersey's NJTV and Maryland's MPT. (Other PBS stations across the nation presumably incorporated the show to their schedules, too.) This re-airing included two newly added performances (both of them taken from Lee's 1967 TV program Something Special) and brief additional commentary from two talking heads.


Artwork Shown:

1. Title: Things Are Swingin'; Her Greatest Songs / Format: DVD  /   Label: MPI Media Group   /  Cat. Num.: 7141   /  Rel. Year: 2020 (2021)  /   Tracks: 35 (including four commercials, a featurette and a salutation from Paul McCartney) / Note: This DVD was originally made available as part of pledge packages at PBS stations across the United States (2020), then commercially released to physical and online music stores in February of 2021. Its main program consists of a special that Peggy Lee taped for syndicated television. The special is excellent, thanks largely to the singing and narrative skills of Peggy Lee -- and despite the obviously limited budget of the television company that produced it, back in 1967. In addition to the special, a veritable treasure trove of over 15 bonus performances is included, quite a few are extremely rare. Another lure is the inclusion of duet work with Toots Thielemans, Petula Clark, Steve & Eydie, and Johnny Cash.


Artwork Shown:

1. Title: Rarities {Kenny Baker, Sammy Davis, Duke Ellington, Peggy Lee} / Format: DVD  /   Label: Network   /  Cat. Num.: (United Kingdom) 502 76266129 4 8   /  Rel. Year: 2021   / Note: Contains four British specials, all from the 1960s, each headlined by one of the artists listed on the front cover (except for Bing Crosby, who is seen instead as one of several guests in Peggy Lee's special). Lee sings several numbers, naturally. She also does a duet with her guest, British personality David Kossoff, and a long medley of mostly Cahn & Van Heusen songs, for which she is joined by the songwriters themselves, as well as her other two guests.


Stills And Artwork Shown:

1-4. Name Of The Special: NET Presents The World Of Peggy Lee / Note: National Educational Television first aired this documentary on October 16, 1969. The cameras follow Lee and company as she prepares for her first concert performance at the newly opening International Hotel in Las Vegas. We witness home rehearsals with the musicians, discussions with various parties (arrangers, conductors, Public Relations staff), a preview performance at the Mark Taper Forum in LA, and portions of the rehearsal at the hotel's room. This special has not been commercially issued, but parts of it have been uploaded to YouTube.

5. Title: Fever; The Music Of Peggy Lee / Format: VHS & DVD / Label: Capitol / Cat. Num.: 72435 99365 9 8 (DVD) & 72435 99365 3 6 (VHS) / Rel. Year: 2004 / Note: This documentary includes Lee's performance of "Is That All There Is?" from NET Presents The World Of Peggy Lee (images #2, #3, #4). It is the only segment from that 1969 special which has been commercially issued.


Artwork And Stills Shown:

1. Title: Peggy Lee Live In London / Format: CD & DVD  /   Label: Universal   /  Cat. Num.: 06607 5364186   /  Rel. Year: 2015  /   Discs: 4 / Tracks: 65 (50 on CD, 15 on DVD) / Note: This set's DVD contains the full BBC concert that Peggy Lee taped for BBC in front of an audience. (The CDs contain live and studio work done in London in 1977, including two concerts at the London Palladium and previously unissued studio material.) Other details below.

2-8. Peggy Lee Entertains is the title of a 1981 British special that Peggy Lee did while in the United Kingdom. These images come from selected clips that are currently available on YouTube; the sound and picture quality of the above-listed 2015 DVD is far, far better. The first image shows a Lee who is xsitting down while interpreting "My Father," the Judy Collins composition. The second image finds Lee delivering her favorite all-time composition, "The Folks Who Live On The Hill." The subject of the third image is one of her very best performances from this show, "Everything Must Change." The fourth image is from a segment during which Lee tackles, among others, her hit "Fever." The fifth image belongs to a clip during which Lee starts out by singing "I'm A Woman" and, once finished with that hit, moves on to "The Best Is Yet To Come." The last two clips show Lee doing "The Boy From ..." (Stephen Sondheim's firmly tongue-in-cheek parody of "The Boy From Ipanema").


General Note:The Quintessential Peggy Lee is an official, authorized issue. Taped with Lee's consent and involvement, its original purpose was to air on PBS stations, under the title Peggy Lee In Atlantic City. After the exclusive airings on PBS, the concert was commercially issued in various formats over the ensuing years. Based on the data at my reach, the laser disc format appears to have been the earliest of them.

Items Shown:

1. Title: The Quintessential Peggy Lee / Format: The National Video Corporation & Pioneer Artists (A Division Of LaserDisc Corporation Of America) / Label: Pioneer Artists / Cat. Num.: Pa 86 153 / Rel. Year: possibly 1985 / Note: I have not been able to audition this item. It lists 17 songs but could actually contain 27 numbers (just like the VHS and DVD configurations do).

2-6. Title: The Quintessential Peggy Lee / Format: Laser Disc / Label: the National Video Corporation Limited & Laser Disc / Cat. Num.: (Japan) Smd 58 3004 / Rel. Year: unknown; 1985 or later / Note: First on display is the front cover, both with and without its obi. The second row of images shows additional parts of the Japanese issue, including an insert and the disc itself. As with the American counterpart, the program lists 17 songs but the disc might actually contain 27 numbers.

Covers Shown:

7 & 10. Title: The Quintessential Peggy Lee / Format: VHS / Label: The National Video Corporation & Hendring / Cat. Num.: (United Kingdom) Hen 2149 / Rel. Year: 1989 / Note: As far as I have been able to determine, this was the first issue of the concert on videotape, following the laser disc release(s). PAL format. The back cover lists 17 songs but the actual video contains 27 numbers.

8 & 11. Title: The Quintessential Peggy Lee / Format: VHS / Label: National Video Arts & Kultur / Cat. Num.: 1397 / Rel. Year: 1995 / Note: The back cover lists 17 songs but the actual video contains 27 numbers.

9 & 12. Title: The Quintessential Peggy Lee / Format: DVD / Label: The National Video Corporation & Warner's Kultur / Cat. Num.: D 1397 / Rel. Year: 2003 / Tracks: 27


Covers Shown:

1. Title: Peggy Lee Singing At Her Best / Format: DVD / Label: Passport / Cat. Num.: Dvd 1586 / Rel. Year: 2004 / Note: Beware of the deceptive title. Poor sound quality and mediocre picture quality overall. Besides, most of the included performances can be accessed via YouTube. Thirteen tracks (including an instrumental performed by The Hollywood Strings Orchestra and a Lee medley that is broken into eight tracks, therefore raising the total track number to 20).

2. Title: Peggy Lee ("In Concert" Series) / Format: DVD / Label: Passport / Cat. Num.: Dvd 1645 / Rel. Year: 2006 / Note: A rip-off that is best to avoid for a variety of reasons. Among them: this item is merely an abbreviated version of a preceding item. Less clips (ten tracks), same subpar picture quality. There is some bonus footage, but it is very brief and none of it involves singing.

3. Title: Peggy Lee Entertains / Format: DVD / Label: Passport / Cat. Num.: PipDv 1645 / Rel. Year: 2006 / Note: Another rip-off issue, once again containing tracks previously released on item #1 and some bonus (non-singing) material. I have actually watched this item; a few commercial websites list the exact same tracks that are on the preceding item. Furthermore, the wording in some of the same sites suggests that this item was recalled and discontinued shortly after its release. Other sites indicate that the item is not deliverable to the United States. In any case, both this DVD and the previous one should be avoided.


Covers Shown:

1. Title: The Best Of Peggy Lee; Something Special / Format: VHS / Cat. Num.: (United Kingdom) Pl 001 / Label: unknown (there might not be a label; see note) / Rel. Year: possibly not commercially released; likely to date from the mid or late 1980s / Note: Unauthorized European issue of the TV special that Peggy Lee taped for the American market in 1967, and which is now officially available as part of the above-discussed DVD Things Are Swingin'. I am familiar with this item only through my view of online auctions. The back cover contains the following warning: "the owner of the copyright hereunder has licensed material contained in this Videogram for non commercial private use only and prohibits any other use, copying or reproduction in whole or in part."

2. Title: Peggy Lee; Video & Compact Disc Collection / Format: VHS [+ CD] / Label: Fast Forward Music ("under license from Orcan Licensing") / Cat. Num.: Fmp 7100 [DVD] & Ffcd 502 [CD] / Rel. Year: 1996 [CD] or 1998 (according to other sources; perhaps the DVD's date) / Note: This is another unauthorized European video of the aforementioned 1967 TV special. As for the CD, its exact contents is unknown to me, but I do know that the songs included are 1940s numbers which bear little connection to the video.

3. Title: Something Special / Format: DVD / Label: Quantum Leap Group / Cat. Num.: Fmp 7100 (also Qldvd 0266) / Rel. Year: 2001 / Note: Yet one more unauthorized European issue of the 1967 TV special. Includes various extra features (Biography, Discography Songwriter, Grammy Awards, Picture Gallery, Films and TV appearances and Reviews) which seem to have been stolen, without credit, from the website . The cover artwork was also swiped from the website.

General Note:
The aforementioned videos and DVDs contain numbers from one of two Peggy Lee shows entitled Something Special With Peggy Lee. Both shows are actually episodes from a syndicated music series entitled "Something Special." The earliest Lee special was televised in 1966, the sequel in 1967. Audio of many of the shows' performances have actually shown up in Public Domain compact discs, where they are invariably mixed with radio material and studio recordings from Lee's early years. The following CDs contain the greater amount of tracks from the Something Special With Peggy Lee shows:

Album Covers Shown:

4. Title: The Peggy Lee Story / Format: CD / Label: Deja Vu - Retro / Cat. Num.: (Italy) Dvrecd 57 / Rel. Year: 1991 / Tracks: 26 / Note: Contains 8 tracks from the 1966 show (including a long blues medley, which I am counting as one unit) and 12 tracks from the 1967 special.

5 & 6. Title: Peggy Lee ("The Gold Collection" Series) /("Deluxe Edition") / Format: CD / Label: Deja Vu - Retro / Cat. Num.: (Italy - United Kingdom) R2cd 94034 / Rel. Year: 1996 (first edition); 2001 (second edition) / Volumes: 2 / Tracks: 40 / Note: Contains all but one of the performances from the 1966 and 1967 TV specials that had been previously issued in item #4. (The exception: "The Clown Medley"). Item #6 is a reissue of item #5. The sound quality of #6 is far better than on #5 and on #4.

7. Title: The New Collection / Format: CS & CD / Label: Kenneth Barnes [Owner] & Carlton [Licensee] / Cat. Num.: (United Kingdom) 30360 01222 / Rel. Year: 1997 / Tracks: 21 / Note: Contains 3 tracks from the 1966 TV special, and 6 tracks from the 1967 TV special. Also in this collection are rehearsal TV tracks from yet another special, filmed and televised in 1981, plus alternate takes from a 1977 album project.


Stills Shown:

1-6. These images are from the 1966 syndicated show Something Special With Peggy Lee. In the first clip, she is singing her " Blues Cross Country Medley," in the second and third "The Best Is Yet To Come." The next two shots find her interpreting a hits medley which includes "I Love Being Here With You." The final image is from her "Clown Medley." All those performances have been uploaded at one time or another to YouTube, but some of them have been subsequently deleted.
At the time of this writing (April 1, 2012), the only YouTube-available clips from the special is "The Best Is Yet To Come" and . During the one-hour-long show, Lee actually sang over 15 songs. Other songs from the special that have made to YouTube in the past, but are there no longer: "The Folks Who Live On The Hill," "Big Bad Bill," and "As You Desire Me."

Stills Shown:

7-8. In 1969, Johnny Cash hosted a Kraft Music Hall special, with Peggy Lee as his main guest. Although this was not a Peggy Lee special, I have decided to include it herein due to a combination of noteworthy factors: (a) she was prominently featured and (b) this show resulted in a sequel of sorts, a 1970 Kraft Music Hall special for which both Anthony Quinn and Peggy Lee were billed as the stars. Image #14 is a publicity shot showing Cash and Lee during a medley of folk-oriented songs that included Lee's solo rendition of "He's Gone" (first image). This particular rendition is available on YouTube currently (April 2012). {Update, July 2020: Along with other Lee vocals from this show, "He's Gone Away" is now available as bonus tracks in the DVD Things Are Swingin'; Her Greatest Songs, which can currently be purchased only by pledging to PBS stations in the United States. The DVD offers "He's Gone Away" in color.}

9-11. Here are several images from the aforementioned Quinn-Lee special. Three clips from the show are currently (April 2012) available for online viewing. One is a duet medley that includes Lee's vocals for "I'm Glad There Is You" and "Until It's Time For You To Go," and which can be seen at The couple's shot above is from their participation in that medley. Peggy Lee's solo renditions of "Don't Explain" (penultimate image) and "Lost In The Stars" (last image) are currently viewable in YouTube.

Stills Shown:

12-15. These images are from Peggy, a 1977 British special which opened with Lee's rendition of "A Love Song" (first image). "Sing A Rainbow" is the number that she is interpreting in the second image. A saucy "You Gotta Know How" is being sung in the third shot. The last image comes from the duet medley that Lee sang with her guest, Charles Asznavour; herein they are performing "La Vie En Rose." As of April 2012, those are the four clips from the 1977 show that can be found on YouTube.

16. The above-seen shot captureres Lee singing "Wait Till You See Her - I've Got A Crush On You" during her 1974 PBS Evening At Pops concert with Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra. YouTube briefly showed an excerpt (not the full medley) from this "Wait Till You See Her - I've Got A Crush On You" performance.

Also erstwhile on YouTube were some of Peggy Lee's performances from her half-an-hour 1983 segment in the British show London Night Out: a solid "Them There Eyes" duet with guest Stephane Grappelli and a solo interpretation of her own lyric, "Angels On Your Pillow."

(There are many other Peggy Lee performances in YouTube, but they fall beyond the scope of this page. Please notice that, herein, I have concentrated on performances from Lee's own specials -- not her guest appearances in other artists' shows.)