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The Peggy Lee Bio-Discography:
War And Government Shows
(On The Radio, Part XI)

by Iván Santiago

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Date: May 6, 1946 (Recording Date)
Location: NBC Studios, Hollywood, California
Show: Jubilee (Second Of Eight Episodes)

Peggy Lee (ldr), The Les Paul Trio (acc), Cal Gooden (g), Les Paul (elg), Clint Nordquist (sb), Milt Raskin (p), Peggy Lee (v)

a. Guest Spot (AFRS) I Get The Blues (When It Rains) - 3:24(Marcy Klauber, Harry Stoddard)
Dan Records Public Domain LP(Japan) Vc 5016 — The Great Ladies On V-Disc, Vol. 3 {Chris Connor, June Christy, Peggy Lee, Martha Tilton} (V-Disc Jazz Session Series)    (1979)
Time-Life Music Licensed CDR139-37/OP4537 — [Various Artists] V-Disc; The Songs That Went To War   (1992)
Tokuma Musical Industries Public Domain CD(Japan) Tkcf 77076 — The Great Ladies On V-Disc, Vol. 3 {Chris Connor, June Christy, Peggy Lee, Martha Tilton} (V-Disc Jazz Session Series)    (2001)
b. Guest Spot (AFRS) I Don't Know Enough About You - 2:43(Dave Barbour, Peggy Lee)
Armed Forces Radio Service 16" Transcription DiscProgram No. 227 — Command Performance U.S.A. [Peggy Lee, Jack Fina]   (1946)
Fonit Cetra Licensed LP(Italy) Vd 2001 — [Various Artists] I Grandi Successi Americani Dei Tempi Di Venti Di Guerra   (1983)
Both titles on:
US Government's War Department, Army-Navy V-Disc Series V-Disc682 — {I Get The Blues / I Don't Know Enough About You / 2 Herb Jeffries Vocals}   (1946)
Armed Forces Radio Service 16" Transcription DiscProgram No. 194 — Jubilee [Peggy Lee, Earl Hines, Les Paul, The Town Criers]   (1946)
Fonit Cetra Licensed LP(Italy) Vdl 1003 — [Various Artists] Le Voci Indimenticabili, Volume 1   (1981)
Sound-Products/FonitCetra LP(Netherlands) Sph 7704 — [Various Artists] Memories Are Made Of This (V-Disc Series)   (1985)
Storyville Collectors' Label (Denmk) CD(Denmark) 5011009 (709298?) — [Various Artists] The Jubilee Shows, Volume 9; No. 194 & 195   (2004)


1. Master Of Ceremonies
Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman

2. AFRS Announcer
George Dvorak

3. Sources And Tentativeness Of The Personnel Listing
I have entered the personnel as shown on Richard S. Sears' V-Disks: A History And Discography. Following Sears' lead, the same personnel is found on Lotz and Neuert's Jubilee discography, though question marks are placed next to all the men's name, except for Paul's. Other sources omit Nordquist and Raskin altogether, listing instead Bob Meyer as the bassist and Hal Dean as the pianist.

4. Instrumentals By The Les Paul Trio
Also part of this episode are two instrumentals by the trio, “The World Is Waiting For A Sunrise” and “Clouds.”


1. James Accardi
2. California Eagle [Newspaper]
Wardell Gray discographer James Accardi has uncovered a brief review of shows no. 194 and no. 195. Published by the California Eagle on Thursday, May 9, 1946, it reads in part: “The program Jubilee from NBC, which is emceed by the personable Ernest Whitman, scored another tremendous hit last Monday when Mr. Whitman rounded up Earl “Fatha” Hines and orchestra, which scored heavily, Peggy Lee, blonde singer, the Les Paul Trio, Rickey Jordan, and the Town Criers for duty on the Armed Service program.”

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