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The Peggy Lee Bio-Discography:
Rehearsals & Home Sessions (Live, Part IV)

by Iván Santiago

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This page remains under construction, and thus unavailable for full viewing. The sample session supplied below should give viewers a basic notion of the projected contents. Most of the material to be included will consist of rehearsals done at nightclubs and at Peggy Lee's own home. Also to be included here: rehearsals undertaken inside a recording studio (such as the one currently shown below), of which precious few are extant.

Date: March 20, 1977 (Afternoon)
Location: London Palladium, London

Ken Barnes (pdr), Judd Proctor (g), Peter Moore (p), Peggy Lee (v)

a. Private Taping Easy Living(Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin)
b. Private Taping They Can't Take That Away From Me(George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
Both titles on:
UNIVERSAL CD/DVD(United Kingdom) 06607 5364186PEGGY LEE LIVE IN LONDON   (2015)

Original Purpose Of The Rehearsal

The above-listed performances were recorded during Peggy Lee's preparation and rehearsal for her 1977 British albums, on Polydor Records. (For further specifics on the albums and their sessions, consult the Polydor sessions page.) Lee sang these numbers mostly for fun, at the request of the producer and musicians at the date.

Since they come from rehearsal performances instead of the actual studio recording dates for Polydor, these numbers are co-owned by the estates of Ken Barnes and Peggy Lee. (The same is true in the case of the London Palladium concert that took place on March 20, 1977, discussed in the already linked page.) It is also worth pointing out that Lee's Polydor rehearsal numbers were professionally recorded -- with Peggy Lee's own knowledge and approval. Hence they are sonically suitable for commercially issue.


My dating relies on information kindly shared with me by Ken Barnes, producer of Peggy Lee's British recording sessions.

Songs And Issues

1. "Easy Living" [Song]
2. "They Can't Take That Away From Me" [Song]
3. Peggy Lee Live In London [CD}
These two performances contain an impromptu impersonation of Billie Holiday by Peggy Lee, followed by Lee's singing in her own style. The set Peggy Lee Live In London includes them as one medley titled Fun In Rehearsal.

Personnel And Issues

1. Augmented Backing
As shown above, only a rhythm session accompanied Peggy Lee during the rehearsals. At a more recent time (when the release of some of these numbers was approved), further instrumental backing was overdubbed.

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Performances Reported: 2

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