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The Peggy Lee Bio-Discography:
With The Benny Goodman Orchestra
(On The Radio, Part VII)

by Iván Santiago

Page generated on Sep 17, 2021


Over 90% of Peggy Lee's radio broadcasts with Benny Goodman are actually remotes -- i.e., radio network transmissions of live dates. For that reason, this discography covers her radio work with Goodman in the same page that it dedicates to their concert work together. To see the page in question, click here: Live And On The Radio With Benny Goodman.


Peggy Lee with lyric. sheet in hand, and Benny Goodman, with clarinet in mouth. Goodman is in at a New York radio station (WOR), Lee at Los Angeles' Radio Room. The latter was more precisely located on Vine Street, between the Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

The Radio Room was a very popular hangout amidst folks from the LA entertainment business industry -- arguably, the hangout for such a crowd. Its name notwithstanding, there was no radio station in the Radio Room. Instead, it consisted of a bar, a bowling alley and, according to Dave Dexter, Jr, "a sidewalk {which was} the meeting place for most people in the music business."

In the photo, a smiling Lee is being accosted by Sam Weiss (left) and Max Schall (right). Both prominent song pluggers throughout the industry's golden age, the two men are presumably pitching a song to her, in the hope that she will record it.